Why Sign With Your Baby?

How often has your baby cried for what appears to be no reason, but stops the minute you hand them a favourite toy? Or realise they have a fever? Imagine if your baby could tell you that they were feeling unwell, or was tired and needed to sleep?

Signing Baby will teach you how to communicate with your baby in sign language, because the pathways and physiological development between their brain and hands develops faster than that between their brain and mouth.

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Benefits of Signing

  • Help your baby or toddler develop language skills and increase their vocabulary.
  • Research indicates that signing babies score higher on intelligence tests, understand more words, have larger vocabularies, and engage in more sophisticated play.
  • Signing helps you avoid unnecessary crying and frustration.
  • It is beneficial for all children, including children with learning or developmental delays.
  • The scientific community is placing increasing emphasis on emotional IQ. It is during the first three crucial years that your baby learns what to expect from the world and how the world responds to them. The importance and satisfaction of being able to communicate your baby’s needs, joys, fears, and to have them understood should not be underestimated.
  • Signing shows you that your baby is already pretty smart, and wants to interact with you on a more meaningful level.
  • It is a wonderful way to bond with your baby as you learn more about their personality, before they learn to speak.


Are You Ready?

Checklist for Signing

  • Is your baby 6 months old?
  • Is your baby trying to point?
  • Is your baby bringing objects to you and looking for a response?
  • Is your baby beginning to wave hello or goodbye?
  • Is your baby nodding or shaking their head?
  • Is your baby beginning to look at pictures?
  • Is your baby becoming frustrated when they are unable to express their needs?

Then your baby is ready to sign!

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Share Discoveries

The World is a Magical Place

Babies and children find the smallest new discoveries fascinating. Their faces light up when a raindrop hits a puddle, when a caterpillar crawls across their finger, or when an animal walks in front of them. The world is a magical place for your baby, full of adventures, things to see, smell, touch, taste, and hear, and they want to share all their new discoveries with you. Signing Baby will give you the tools you need to help your child share their world with the ones they love.

Signing Baby gives you a window into your baby’s world, and enriches the connection between parent and child.



  • Help your child develop language skills and increase their vocabulary.
  • Avoid unnecessary crying and frustration.
  • Interact on a more meaningful level.
  • Bond with your baby.
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cute little bee illustration for Signing Baby

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